Degraded Politics of TDP

Hyderabad: Woman YSRCP MLA Roja condemned Chandrababu’s act of suspending
her for a year for questioning his misdeeds. She opined that TDP’s politics
were degraded. Speaking to the media at YSRCP’s central office at Lotus Pond in
Hyderabad, she explained the events that had happened in the assembly and the account
of sex racket.

mentioned that she had respect for Ambedkar but remarked that his name was
being misused in the assembly to sidetrack issues. She complained that the suggestions
and opinions of Sivaramakrishnan Committee pertaining
to the capital city had not been regarded. She commented that she had been
suspended from the assembly for a year just because she had questioned the
Government’s involvement in Call Money sex racket and that Eenadu media had not
been touched in spite of highlighting the same issue. She also stated that
nobody but her was effected when 50s of leaders had raised slogans against

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