Definite for father and son to count the bars in jail

YSRCP district: YSRCP MLA Ravindranath commented that Babu betrayed people saying sweet words about the special status.  He mentioned that there is a scandal of Rs. 1.05 lakh crores of rupees in the capital formation. He said that in the future, Naidu and his son, Lokesh would go to jail for sure. Out of fear of not even they will not get back their deposits, the telugu brothers are looting the State. Ravindranath said that people are observing the deeds and will banish the TDP party without any remainders.

Ravindranath said that grabbing thousands of acres of land from farmers, Chandrababu is giving those lands under Benami companies  to Singapore. For the sake of the event of laying foundation it is cruel to spend hundreds of crores of rupees giving contracts to the event companies. It is not the Andhra Pradesh state capital Amaravati that is been built but it is a magic capital said Ravindranath. Relay strikes began at Kadapa Collectorate under the guidance of Kadapa MLA Anjad Basa started. Rabindranath visited the camp and spoke about the initiation.

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