Defiance Of Promises Made

  • Impossible promises in greed for power
  • backstabbing people after coming to power
  • TDP's failure in keeping poll promises
  • Special status mortgaged for selfish benefits
  • Special story on account of Democracy Day
There was not a single lie Chandrababu hesitated to utter in order to get into power after ten years of gap from the CM's throne. Before 2014 elections, he joined impossible promises in his election manifesto. He also spoke at meetings in every place he went that the agricultural loans and DWCRA loans would be waived unconditionally. These promises appeared on all walls and in all newspapers. He made nit one or two, but six hundred promises in order to come to power in the newly-formed state of AP. His promises were beyond the state budget's proposals.
It was promised that Kapu community would be added to BC category within six months of commencement of TDP's rule. Washermen's caste was promised addition in SC community. But after decorating the CM's throne, he proved to be a betrayer and is carrying on his atrocious rule. Though BJP and TDP, that demanded sanction of special category status for the state, after forming Government at the centre and the state, slaughtered the promise. Chandrababu has mortgaged the state's benefits and future to the centre. Due to Chandrababu's lack of seriousness in the issue, the centre dropped some rupees into the hands of the state and named it 'special package'. Concentrating more on commissions, Chandrababu has neglected administration. He is trying to suppress the voice of the opposition for questioning him.
What did Chandrababu mention in his manifesto at the time of elections? What has he done in the 2.5 years of his rule? It is being proven through Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme being held by YSRCP that Chandrababu has not realised at least 10 of the 600 promises he made in TDP manifesto of 2014 elections. People at every doorstep are failing Chandrababu in Praja Ballot, slamming his failure to keep his promises and taking care of their welfare.
Janmabhoomi committee's intervention
After Chandrababu came to power, he saw that the people's representatives elected by the people had no authority. By forming Janmabhoomi committees, he weakened the democratic system and gave away authority to the committee's members. The Janmabhoomi committees are ever since intervening in the implementation of welfare schemes. Their approval has become mandatory for the schemes to run. The qualified people are being devoid from enjoying the schemes. Sarpanchs, MPTCs and MLAs are also not being given development funds while TDP leaders are being given. TDP leaders are planning to rob throughout their tenure of five years. Chandrababu has polluted the great system of democracy. He is going to slaughter the whole system if left unquestioned. For protecting democracy YSRCP president YS Jagan is performing struggle. Let us all join hands and protect democracy by offering solidarity to this struggle and bringing pressure on the rulers.

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