Defection of MLAs is Their Political Suicide

Vizianagaram: YSRCP MLC and president of Vizianagaram district’s YSRCP Kolagatla
Veerabhadra Swamy commented that defection of one’s party was nothing but one’s
political suicide. He acclaimed YSRCP as the only party fighting on behalf of
people. Speaking to the media in Vizianagaram, he complained that the voice of
opposition had been suppressed in the assembly.

Kolagatla mentioned that the administration
in AP had seriously deteriorated. He questioned Chandrababu what had happened
to the five signatures made by him at the time of swearing in as the CM of the
state. He criticized that the number of belt shops had increased in TDP tenure.
Kolagatla also demanded to know the status of NTR Sujala Sravanthi scheme.
Kolagatla announced his absolute support to the protest held by YSRCP leader
Gudiwada Amarnath for Visakhapatnam’s special railway zone.

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