Defecting MLAs Should Be Disqualified

Hyderabad: TYSRCP appealed to speaker S.Madhusudanachary to issue notices and disqualify Madanlal, Thati Venkateswarulu and Payam Venkateswarlu, the MLAs who were elected from YSRCP and later defected the party to join TRS. The leaders of the party requested to not delay taking action against the MLAs who performed unjust party defection. They requested for disqualification as appealed for in their principal petition and to suspend them from being able to participate in the assembly sessions.
A team of TYSRCP's representatives met the speaker and submitted petitions in the speaker's format, requesting disqualification of the defectors. They also attached various newspaper clippings, video tapes and CDs as evidence of their party defection. Konda Raghava Reddy, K.Siva Kumar, Md.Mateen Mojaddadi, Jennareddy Mahender Reddy, Bandaru Venkata Ramana and Fazal Ahmed were in the team of TYSRCP leaders who approached the speaker.
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