This Deeksha Is Destructive, Not Constructive

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s
official spokesperson Vasireddy Padma commented that the Nava Nirmana Deeksha
(literally translated as Novel Constructive Observance) initiated by AP CM
Chandrababu was destructive, rather than constructive. Speaking to the media at
the party’s central office in Hyderabad, she stated that Chandrababu’s
Government had not achieved anything in the rule of two years. She described
this deeksha as an attempt to disturb the wound caused to the people’s hearts
at the time of bifurcation. Padma mentioned that the Government was trying to
emotionally disturb the people of the state.

She reminded that the
GO regarding the Nava Nirmana Deeksha had been addressed to ‘all the citizens
of AP’, asking them to pledge. She commented that there would be ‘citizens of a
country’ but not of an individual state. She questioned Babu’s dividing ideology
citing this usage. She demanded filing case against Chandrababu for this
anti-Government crime. Padma complained that Chandrababu had been launching
this sort of deekshas to cover up his corruption and failure.

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