This is Deceptive Rule

 Guntur: MLA of Macherla constituency in Guntur district Pinnilli Ramakrishna Reddy criticized Chandrababu’s rule to be full of deception. He commented that TDP president Chandrababu Naidu, scared of losing elections, had made a lot of promises and was now unable to keep them hence was becoming impatient.

 Pinnilli spoke to the media in the local party office. He remarked that Babu had grown habitual of accusing the opposition party for the lack of development in the state. He questioned why Chandrababu could not allot funds to the poor and the backward communities if they were so affectionate to him. He mentioned that Babu the budget had no mention of loan waiver for dwakra women though Babu had promised it.

 Pinnilli also condemned Babu’s deception to farmers and weavers along with the unemployed and added that he was continuing to deceive people with his daily statements and promises about development. He also slammed the bluff game being played by Babu’s ministers in spite of his promise of Rs.2000 stipend to the unemployed. Pinnilli also criticized Babu for talking about his poverty and lack of sanction of funds from the centre, while flying everyday on planes and helicopters misusing people’s money. He stated that awareness would be spread among people regarding Government’s deception to them and that a huge movement will be held under the leadership of YS Jagan.



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