Deception Is Chandrababu's Nature

Kakinada: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president, YS Jagan mentioned that the lives of people of AP would flourish only if special status was given. He criticised Chandrababu for deceiving people in spite of knowing this fact. YSRCP staged a protest at the collectorate of East Godavari district in Kakinada. YS Jagan led this and spoke on the occasion. He appreciated the people who came forward to fight for special status, not caring about hot temperature.
YS Jagan remarked that special status was important for improvement of employment opportunities and industries. He condemned Chandrababu for making promises prior to elections in order to gain votes and deceiving people later. He slammed Babu for forgetting all about his promise for offering employment to the youth. He reminded that deception also happened in the topic of offering unemployment stipend. He complained that Chandrababu had deceived many social classes and was performing division-based politics.
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