Credibility Has Supreme Importance

Hyderabad: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan stated that Vijaya Sai Reddy's candidacy had been proposed by the party for the membership of Rajyasabha only to pass a message that credibility had supreme importance in the party. He made this announcement after the meeting with MLAs, MLCs and important leaders of the party at YSRCP's central office in Hyderabad. During his speech to the media, YS Jagan mentioned that Chandrababu had been trying to buy interpersonal relations with money. He criticised that Chandrababu had been betraying the MLAs he had been buying.

YS Jagan mentioned that everybody knew why YSR Congress Party was born. He stated that pressure had been brought on Vijay Sai Reddy to speak against YS Jagan but he had stuck to ethics. He added that Sai Reddy believed in the truth and had made the same thing clear. YS Jagan revealed that it was why Vijay Sai Reddy also had been accused at the time allegations had been made against YS Jagan. He appreciated Vijay Sai Reddy for being ethically rich and standing by him through thick and thin.

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