Cowardly Government

  • The ruling party has evaded discussion
  • They may escape from the house, but not from the people
  • Babu has targeted Bauxite: YSRCP MLAs
  • Hyderabad:

    YSRCP MLA Srikanth
    Reddy commented that the Government evaded the assembly upon YSRCP’s requesting
    division voting against appropriation bill. He called it a spineless
    Government. He cautioned that the ruling party leaders might have escaped the
    assembly but they could not escape from the people of the state. He remarked
    that the Government had resorted to this unfair act only in view of protecting
    the unethically lured MLAs.

    Srikanth Reddy commented that people should understand what kind of
    message the ruling party had been giving. Upon being asked to go by the rules,
    they would declare their supremacy. They deleted rules. They behaved
    atrociously under the mask of having majority. They were following demonic rule, criticized Srikanth Reddy. He condemned the TDP leaders for mocking them
    when they said there was chance of discussion on the bill. He also slammed the
    speaker for giving a TDP-convenient statement, running the house with
    favouritism, adjourning the assembly and evading the house.

    Babu targets

    YSRCP MLA Giddi Eshwari exclaimed wondering if the house was being run democratically
    or tyrannically. She complained that Chandrababu threatened her about the
    well-being of her constituency Paderu. She remarked that ruling TDP had
    suppressed the opposition in the legislative house and followed personal abuse
    and vengeance upon demanding access to microphone. Eshwri opined that
    Chandrababu showed his bias against women and tribal people.

    Giddi Eshwari questioned Chandrababu if tribal people were not allowed
    to talk. She slammed him for threatening them. Being a person who boasted of
    his 35-year experience in politics, Chandrababu should stay down to earth and
    speak more politely, but he spoke about tribal women in a degrading manner, she
    complained. She stated that people were observing his behaviour.

    Giddi Eshwari mentioned that Chandrababu had targeted her in view of
    getting hold of bauxite ore and added that it was why he had been talking in a
    disgracing way about her. She severely condemned Babu’s verbal abuse.


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