Corruption Protected By The Yellow Media

Hyderabad: YSRCP
MLA Srikanth Reddy complained that TDP had been committing corrupt activities
like no Government had ever had before, with the help of certain newspapers. He
criticised the Government for not responding to the questions posed by the
opposition party about corruption.

YSR’s was a clear way

Gadikota reminded how former CM YS
Rajasekhar Reddy had carried out discussions till late night when he had been
accused of corruption. He recollected how YSR gave importance to public service
in spite of hostility from the media. Chandrababu had blamed YSR of corruption
in calling single code tenders for ring road construction and YSR had gladly
ordered for CBI inquiry on the issue, Srikanth Reddy specified. He also added
that YSR had ordered for CBI inquiry on Paritala Ravi’s murder case when the
opposition had done allegation against him. He criticised Babu for stating that
YSRCP leaders were hindering the state’s development and avoiding to answer
their question regarding the corruption involved in the issue of capital lands.

Babu claiming to be Anna
Hazare’s followers

Srikanth Reddy remarked that Chandrababu
had been staying silent even after evidences had proven corruption in projects.
He reminded how Chandrababu claimed himself to be followers of Anna Hazare. He
demanded that Babu had to order for CBI inquiry on projects and capital land
mafia and release a white paper about them if he had any pinch of commitment.
He complained against TDP leaders’ counterattacking the people questioning their
corruption. He suggested that the officials should not play the fiddle for Babu’s
corrupt activities. He stated that YSRCP would fight against the officials
supporting corruption too.


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