Corruption is evident at every level in TDP rule: YS Jagan

Gudivada: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly and YSR Congress Party President, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was grabbing the land given by late Chief Minister Dr YS Rajashekara Reddy. 
Speaking at a massive public meeting held at Nehru Chowk here today as part of his historic mass outreach programme Praja Sankalpa Yatra, YS Jagan said that the TDP government was selling plots worth Rs 3 lakhs at Rs 6 lakhs and he added that the Rs 3 lakhs was written off as debt in the poor man's name. He promised to waive off that Rs 3 lakhs debt as soon as YSRCP comes to power. "Under House For All scheme, our government would provide free housing to all the poor people in the state."
YS Jagan recalled Dr YSR's regime and pointed out that there was enough water for irrigation then, but the situation had reversed now. Let alone second crop, farmers were finding it difficult to get water for their first crop in the year. "Farmers are suffering because only 45 TMC of water was being received through Pulichintala project. The reason is Chandrababu did not pay Rs 145 crores to Telangana."
The YSRCP Chief said that the AP CM was making tall claims and misguiding people. "When Chandrababu was in Rayalaseema he says that Krishna was prosperous because of his policies, similarly wherever he goes he repeats the same claim." YS Jagan further said that there was no minimum support price for paddy and pulses in the state. This was a cause for concern not only for farmers but also to the entire state. The distress of the farmers is reflected in the way they are throwing away paddy and pulses on the roads and burning them, he observed.
"Even the farmers involved in pisciculture were in distress because there was not enough for the survival of fishes and prawns," YS Jagan said. The farmers told the mass leader during his walkathon that the rates of these had fallen so much that it had made their survival impossible.
The Leader of Opposition recalled Dr YSR's contribution and said that in Gudivada he had constructed a housing colony and dedicated it to the poor. But during the TDP rule, the state has not even seen a single house being constructed. He said that Chandrababu was a master at misleading the public. "Corruption has been so rampant in TDP government that it is evident at every level," he said.
YS Jagan alleged that there was huge corruption brewing in the land under the housing scheme of TDP government. He said a plot worth Rs 3 lakhs was being sold at Rs 6 lakhs while government pays Rs 3 lakhs, the rest is being written off as debt in the poor man's name. This would mean that all through his life the poor man will have to be repaying the debt for no fault of his. He once again promised to waive off the debt of every poor man once YSRCP came to power. The contractors who were involved in illegal construction of the houses would be put behind bars, he added.
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