The Corporation Lacks Efficiency

Nellore (Stonehouse Pet): YSRCP MLA of Nellore Dr.P.Anil Kumar Yadav commented that the municipal
corporation of the city was immersed in corruption. He toured in the local
woodhouse sangham and Settigunta road areas along with deputy mayor Mukkala
Dwarakanath and learnt the problems faced by people. Later he inaugurated the Rs.3
lakh budget drinking water work in the 6th division of LV
Ramanareddy layout.

on this occasion, Anil stated that around 8000 pensions were pending in the 54
divisions, with 150 from each ward. He suggested that the corporation office
should issue pension to all the deserving candidates holding Aadhar card and
ration card right away by forming special cell for pension, instead of winding
up after issuing only to some.

Kumar also appealed for prevention of scarcity of drinking water in the summer.
He condemned the sanitation workers who were supposed to serve the people for
working at the houses of the leaders and the officials instead.

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