Contradicting Statments Deceive People of AP

New Delhi: As a response to YSRCP MP YS Avinash Reddy's confrontation about the status of the promises made to AP, Inderjit Singh, the Minister of the State for the Ministry of Planning, stated that the centre had fulfilled all the promises it had made to the state of AP and specified that there was nothing left to do. In writing, he gave his answer to the YSRCP MP. Mentioning that special package had already had legality, he informed that AP Government had not yet sent the list of backward districts and stated that assistance measures would be implemented once AP Government recognized the backward areas and informed the centre about the same.
This explains that Chandrababu and the Union Government have been deceiving the people of AP by respectively stating contradicting information that the centre has not sanctioned anything to the state and that everything has been done to AP.

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