Conspiracy To Physically Eliminate The People’s Leader

  • Attacks on the leader’s personality
  • Doubts on statements involving ‘finishing YSRCP’
  • No fear for Babu’s statements
  • We shall demolish Chandrababu’s corrupt kingdom
  • People have to realise Babu’s conspiracies: Bhumana

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s
official spokesman Bhumana Karunakar Reddy doubted Chandrababu’s conspiracies
to get the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan killed, owing to
Chandrababu’s repeated mentioning in Mahanadu that he would make sure ‘YSRCP
was soon finished’ and his repeated personal attack on the people’s leader. He
recollected that Chandrababu had spoken on the previous day of Dr. YS
Rajasekhar Reddy’s helicopter accident about who would be finished. He added
that Chandrababu’s behavior was adding strength to their doubts about YSR’s
sudden demise. He advised people to beware of Chandrababu’s conspiracies. He
spoke in the media conference arranged at the party’s central office in

Babu would not hesitate to touch anybody’s feet

Bhumana mentioned that it was unjust of Chandrababu to make
hundreds of people to criticize the leader of opposition YS Jagan in Mahanadu.
He acclaimed YS Jagan’s courage, honesty and great personality. He stated that
it was a proof of Chandrababu’s inferior feeling towards YS Jagan that he had
made all his allies speak against him. He added that the movements and
agitations launched by YS Jagan against Chandrababu’s deceptive and corrupt rule
had been scaring him. He called these comments a degraded act. Bhumana
commented that Chandrababu would not hesitate to touch anybody’s feet to gain
his selfish needs and called him a person from Amoeba family.

Chandrababu exceeding limits

Bhumana mentioned that it was too shameless of Chandrababu to
praise himself as the world’s most ideal political leader. He commented that
Babu’s behaviour was as if there was nobody else to the rescue of the state but
himself. He recollected Babu’s statement that TDP had added glory to Lord
Venkateswara of Tirupati and called this speech to have crossed boundaries and
mocked him for it calling him Paramahamsa Paramapujya Sri Sri Nara Chandrababu

Fatal blow to Hindu spiritual system

Bhumana remarked that Chandrababu’s statements were insult to
the sincere devotees of the Lord like Annamayya and Sri Krishna Devaraya. He
opined that Babu’s stating he had brought glory to the Lord was a fatal blow to
Hindu spiritual system. He suggested that all Hindus had to rise against these
degraded statements and teach him a lesson.

Poojas for NTR’s statue

It was funny to hear Chandrababu, after killing and burying NTR’s
ideals and principles, stating that NTR’s statue would receive worship at
Amaravathi, commented Bhumana. He stated that Swamy Chandrababu had made a new
preaching that devotees did not have to go to God for blessings and they could
just worship NTR. Bhumana slammed Chandrababu for wasting 3 days of time in the
name of Mahanadu for criticising the opposition party and not discussing one
useful topic. He condemned Chandrababu’s concentration on criticism rather than

He is ‘Suit Case’ Babu, not Lokesh Babu

Bhumana seriously reacted to Lokesh’s challenging statement that
he would go to jail if corruption was proven. He criticised that Chandrababu’s
family for defecding themselves even after being red-handedly caught in Note
for Vote case in Telangana. He mentioned that the people of the state called
Lokesh Babu by nickname ‘Suit Case Babu’. In response to Chandrababu’s
statement that CC cameras had been fixed in Mahanadu, Bhumana mentioned that
they should actually be placed in Babu’s offices, houses as well as in the
houses of Babu’s allies Sujana Chowdary and CM Ramesh.

Babu has killed Vangaveeti Ranga

Bhumana expressed fury against TDP leaders’ portraying YSRCP
leaders as goons and rowdies. He blamed Chandrababu’s for being responsible for
Vangaveeti Ranga’s murder and cited the book written by former minister Hari
Rama Jogaiah. In light of Chandrababu’s accusing YSRCP leaders for Tuni
incident, he questioned if Chandrababu had courage to order for CBI inquiry on
it. He criticised that TDP had grown a habit of blaming YS Jagan for whatever irregular
incident happened in the state. He commented that Chandrababu would not have
spared Goutama Buddha and Mahatma Gandhi from his threats if they were alive.

Politics started with caste favouritism

Bhumana mentioned that it was surprising to hear Chandrababu say
he was untouched by caste, religion and money. He stated that it was with caste
favouritism that Chandrababu’s political career had started. He added that the
caste disputes still continuing in SV University had actually once been created
by Chandrababu. He slammed Babu for buying opposition MLAs with corrupt money,
thus slaughtering democracy. He commented that Chandrababu had shifted from one
house to another four times in order to hide the money he had earned through
corruption. He assured that YSRCP would fight against this atrocious rule and
demolish the corrupt kingdom of Chandrababu.

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