Cong manipulating democratic process

Hyderabad, February 21, 2013: Coming down heavily on
the large scale misuse of official machinery in the Kadapa cooperative
elections, YSR Congress has said Congress is using these polls as a testing
ground for rigging the future local bodies’ elections.  

“With defeat staring at the ruling party, the
Government has pressed all its force into service to manipulate the election
and when it was clear that YSRC is winning the DCCB Chairman post it has
postponed the elections to February 28 which only shows the extent to which
Congress can stoop to,” Party MLA Srikanth Reddy told reporters here on

What we have seen in Kadapa is the height of
manipulation of public opinion and democratic process. The elections were
neither free nor fair in Kadapa or in the entire state.  

After concluding that it cannot win the YSR
Kadapaa citadel, on the first day the Congress has postponed the election on
the ground of lack of quorum, citing some impossible conditions, on the second day
it was the kidnap of the District Cooperative Officer (DCO) and on the third
day it has postponed the election in the name of law and order problem, he

The order was faxed to the district
administration late in the night. This clearly shows that the Congress
government is experimenting with its manipulative skills for future use and the
ruling party has won majority of the seats though such coercion, intimidation
and undemocratic methods elsewhere in the state.  

The misappropriation began from enrollment
itself and bringing in stay for 22 of the 77 posts and with YSRCP sympathisers
winning 32 of the 54, the Congress government has been hell-bent to win the
Chairman’s post and has been playing foul though it has no majority, he said.  

“Perhaps the unfair practice could be its model
and wants to follow the same methodology of rigging in the future polls, but it
had to bite dust in the direct elections earlier and the result will be the
same in future elections as well,” he said.  

When a government official is kidnapped, no
action was initiated and government servants are been terrorised to the point
maintaining stoic silence. We demand that an inquiry should be ordered into the
incident by a senior IPS officer, he said.  

The governance of the State stands to be
ridiculed if cannot facilitate 12 to 14 persons to vote for the DCCB Chairman
post and cannot maintain law and order. The Congress Party should gracefully
accept defeat as it has no numbers, instead of trying to play manipulative
politics, he said.  

The Krian Kumar Reddy government should realise
that there is no reason as to why farmers should vote for Congress as they are
in distress. If the elections are held in a free and fair manner, we will win
majority of the districts, he said.  

For the State to progress, agriculturally and
industrially, only YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has the will and vision and not the
Congress and TDP that have pushed the State development backwards, he


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