Cong mishandled bifurcation issue: YSRCP

August 2, 2013: Condemning the Congress Party decision to divide the state which has
hurt the feelings of one region, YSR Congress has said that Delhi did not play
its role properly in addressing the issue.

firmly believe that justice should be done to all regions and the Centre has
failed to take stock of the situation and the consequences arising out of the
division while TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu started speaking in a tone that
sounds like an extension of Delhi Congress,” party spokesperson Jupudi
Prabhakar told reporters here on Thursday.

YSR, the state has no strong leader and the deficit is clearly perceptible. The
state leaders could not put forth the complete picture of the feelings of all
regions and argue the case which would be amicable to all while the TDP leader
has shown raw opportunism on the issue, he said.

section of press has reported that Naidu was aware of the Delhi developments
and there was a two-way communication while the process of the division of the
state was in progress.

TDP leader has been changing colours and stands from election to election, he
opposed Telangana in 2004 and was non committal in 2009 and now he says that he
has given a letter in favour of two states.

fluctuating stands cannot be part of a democracy process. Suddenly the leader
of opposition comes on to the stage to speak about the financials of a new
capital as if he and his party are resigned to the division and have no role to

on the other hand has taken a decision in the Plenary that any decision on the
bifurcation issue should not affect people of any region. The issue should have
been sorted out like a family matter, but the Congress has politicised it while
TDP has given its tacit support.

manner in which the TDP leader was speaking about the package clearly shows
that he was in touch with the Delhi bosses. He is unable to restrain his own
party leaders from Seemandhra who felt betrayed by the decision,” he said.

tone sounds like an extension of Delhi decision as is speaking of the logistics
of building a new capital instead of analysing the situation in the right
perspective as a responsible leader of opposition. This is an indication that
TDP is also responsible in the decision of bifurcation of the state.

“We are clear on our stand.
We wanted the Centre to play the role of the head of a family and sort out the
issue amicably. But it has failed in its duty and has not been impartial.
 We condemn this deed of the Congress and we are not against separation,”
he said.

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