Conduct Assembly Properly At Least In The New Building

  • It is our responsibility to question on behalf of people
  • The speaker should stop encouraging verbal attack on the opposition
  • The Government is trying to evade sessions by hook or crook
  • How can we not blame anti-legal elements?
  • YSRCP MLA Gadikota Srikanth Reddy
Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA of Rayachoti constituency, Gadikota Srikanth Reddy suggested that the assembly sessions should be conducted according to rules and regulations at least in the new building. He advised that the speaker and the CM should stop encouraging verbal attack on the members from opposition parties, wasting the assembly's time.
Speaking to the media from YSRCP's central office, Gadikota remarked that not a deed had been done in favour of the people of the state in the past 3 years of TDP's rule and not one day of the assembly sessions during the past 3 years had been in favour of solving people's problems. He criticised that even in BAC meetings, the topics raised by opposition party members had been taken up for discussion.
Gadikota complained that over not conducting the assembly as per democracy, TDP was creating new laws and bending existing ones in its favour, oppressing the opposition that tried to speak on behalf of people.

Answer with commitment
Mentioning that the leader of opposition, YS Jagan, would question in the assembly sessions about people's problems like drought, farmers' insurance, input subsidy and loan waiver, along with Chandrababu's reported growth rate in agriculture sector, he challenged the Government to answer all the questions raised if it had any commitment.
Gadikota also informed that problems like drinking water scarcity, alcoholism, unemployment, illegal projects and other important issues would be questioned. He also stated that the most important issue of the state, special category status, also would be raised in the sessions, along with other crucial issues like safety of women, hegemony of Janmabhoomi Committees in implementation of Government schemes, wasting public money for publicity, Swiss Challenge, swallowing endowments lands, scams like Agrigold, dormant health system and welfare of SCs, STs and BCs. He appealed to the CM and the speaker to let the session run according to rules at least now.

Speaker raising curtains to a new tradition
Srikanth Reddy mentioned the way assembly sessions were being held for extremely short period in AP, like nowhere in the country. He slammed the way the opposition party was being suppressed from speaking about people's problems, while TDP leaders were using hours of the house's time to verbally abuse the leaders of YSRCP. He demanded that the opposition leaders should be allowed to speak if the ruling party really wished for people's welfare.

Rs.260 crore swallowed
Gadikota complained that Chandrababu would remain in the history as the CM who swallowed crores of rupees of money in the name of farmers. He criticised the way Babu bragged about chasing away drought with the use of rain guns,m while swallowing the money allocated to the technology. He slammed the way Babu publicised the prosperous state of agriculture sector in the state while farmers were migrating to other states for livelihood.

Babu destroying the system
Blaming Chandrababu of destroying the system, Gadikota mentioned the exploitation of officers by TDP leaders for their selfishness and questioned what was wrong in criticising anti-legal and anti-social elements. Taking particular mention of the police acting in favour of TDP leaders and neglecting their responsibilities, he stated how the ruling party was using revenue, police and assembly systems for its misdeeds.
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