Concern over Indefinte strike by truck owners

Sir, trucks are the lifeline of our country as they
play a key and important role in transportation of not only essential goods but
also transport drinking water, milk, vegetables, fruits, medicines, petroleum
products which are very essential for daily needs.

           Wheels came to a grinding halt since
various truck owners associations have joined the nationwide stir and stopped plying
their trucks in the country since Government is not addressing their genuine
demands.  This has hit massively as lakhs
and lakhs of trucks gone off the road. In AP alone, more than 3 lakh trucks are
participating in the strike.

          The meeting, the Members of the All
India Truck Owners Association had with the hon. Union Minister did end up in
stalemate. Since, they could not get any assurance or promise from the Minister.
The indefinite strike entered seventh day today.

          Their major demands are:

ØReverting back to 50% insurance hike proposed by
IRDA.  It is proposed to implement from 1st
April, 2017.

ØNot to scrap vehicles over 15 years old. They want
that the period should be increased to 20 years.

ØVAT on diesel and petrol and hike in various RTO fee
should be cancelled.

ØThey are also demanding to refrain from installing
speed governors on old vehicles. 

ØAgainst charging toll for indefinite period.

          These are some of their major demands to
be resolved.  My apprehension is if
strike is allowed to continue further, there will be havoc in the country and
prices of essential commodities will skyrocket and poor people would be at the
receiving end.

          So, I request the Government of India
to immediately start negotiating lorry owners and address their grievances
without any further delay.


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