Come Down To Hear Their Agony

  • Loans have not been waived
  • Not one rupee of input subsidy is given
  • Babu is roaming in planes instead of examining crops
  • YS Jagan examining destroyed crops
  • Demand to the Government for doing justice to farmers

Guntur:  The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan complained that the farmers' difficulties were going without being heard or cared for by the Government. He condemned Chandrababu's taking flights while farmers on the ground were crying from their losses due to destroyed crops. He examined the crop fields destroyed by floods in Muthyalampadu village of Dachepalli mandal in Guntur district. He inquired farmers about their problems and assured them of his support. On this occasion, he slammed the Government's behaviour.
Here is what he spoke.
  • During monsoon, cotton and rice crops were sown in 3 lakh acres and chilly was sown in 1.5 lakh acres area. Now all of them have been destroyed.
  • Lease amount for cotton is around Rs.40,000-50,000. More than Rs.20,000 has been invested. For chilly, more than Rs.50,000 has been invested. Now everything has been destroyed.
  • While farmers are suffering from such heavy losses, Chandrababu is roaming in the sky instead of directly examining the crops.
  • It is unfortunate that neither officials nor rulers are coming to visit farmers.
  • Not a rupee is being given as assistance to agriculture.
  • There have not been any rains till the end of July or August. Finally when there was some rain and farmers tried to rescue their crops, they were drenched and drowned by heavy rains.
  • Not a rupee was given last year to farmers as input subsidy.
  • Guntur district alone should receive Rs.120 crore from the total of Rs.1000 crore. But nothing has been given till date.
  • With no input subsidy given, no loans being waived and no gold mortgaged in banks reaching home as promised, farmers are confused and helpless.
  • With Chandrababu instructing banks to not offer loans, farmers are unable to get a rupee of loan.
  • This situation is leaving the farmers with no option but to get private loans for 2-3% rate of interest.
  • Chandrababu has to take responsibility, come down to the ground and examine the losses. He has to do justice to the farmers at loss. 

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