Is The CM Not Bothered About The Labourers?

Guntur: YSRCP state
trade union president Goutham Reddy criticized the Government of AP. He
questioned if the Chief Minister who was interested in attending the groundbreaking
ceremonies and inauguration ceremonies at the capital area had no interest in
the problems of the labourers. He slammed the Government for making them work
for 12 hours a day, ignoring the labour act. When a construction labourer died
while working for the temporary capital construction at Velagapudi village, an
all-party leader team was arrested on its way to console his family, complained
Goutham Reddy.

He condemned the
police for behaving as per Chandrababu’s will. He reminded that Babu might not
continue as the CM forever. He questioned why section 144 was applicable only
for the opposition party leaders and not for TDP leaders. He cautioned that
YSRCP would not tolerate if the labourers’ rights were put at stake. He assured
that they would fight for the labourers.

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