Cheating Cases Against Betrayer Chandrababu

  • TDP’s utter failure in
    two years
  • Babu spends time with
    lies and deception
  • Cheating case against
    deceptive Babu
  • General body meeting of YSRCP on the 13th
  • Gadapa gadapaku YSRCP
    programme schedules on the 19th

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s official spokesman Parthasarathy mentioned
that TDP’s governance in the last two years had been a failure and added that
Chandrababu had been continuing to bluff people over not performing anything in
the two years. He reminded that YSRCP had fought at various occasions exposing
the Government’s failure, under the leadership of YSRCP president YS Jagan. He
informed that legal cases would be filed against Chandrababu the other day in
police stations throughout the state for his deception to the people.

Parthasarathy criticised Babu’s forgetfulness towards his
promises and his habit of bluffing. He remarked that he had made false promises
to get into power and when the EC had questioned if they were possible to be
kept, Chandrababu had stated that he was experienced enough to make them true.
Loan waiver, a job for every household, stipend for the unemployed, none of
them had been realised and the Government had thus deceived the people,
Parthasarathy complained.

Parthasarathy reminded of the Government’s promises about
finishing Pattiseema scheme and integration of Godavari-Krishna rivers. He
complained that Chandrababu was hiding the truth about the status of the
construction of projects from the media, the opposition and the people. He
stated that only 6 lakh acres could be irrigated with the 66 TMC of water from
Prakasam barrage, but the Government was mentioning that they had saved 8.5
lakh acres of crops.

Parthasarathy reminded that the Government promised that remnant
Krishna waters would be transferred to Rayalaseema and questioned how it would
be possible with incomplete Handri-Neeva and Galeru-Nagari projects. He blamed
them that at least funds had not been transferred for this. Parthasarathy also
remarked that the farmers in the capital area had been endangered through unwilling
land acquisition. He also blamed the Government for falsely presenting the
information about capital area construction. Parthasarathy accused the Government for giving false hopes to
various classes of the society regarding reservation.

Parthsarathy questioned if Chandrababu or any of the members of
the party had the courage to declare that no corruption was going on in the
Government or to face inquiry on it. He complained that capital area lands and
temples’ assets were being robbed. There was corruption in programmes like
Neeru-Chettu too. The ruling party leaders were hitting the police as well as
the officials for trying to prevent corruption, Parthasarathy complained. He
explained that YSRCP had respect to the police system and the constitutional system.
He stated that police complaints would be filed against Chandrababu the next

Parthasarathy also announced that the party’s general body
meeting would be held on the 13th of this month to discuss the
future action plan of the party and the Government’s deception. He declared
that ‘Gadapa Gadapaku YSRCP’ programme would be conducted on the 8th
of this month on the occasion of the birth anniversary of YS Rajasekhar Reddy.
He reminded that welfare schemes had been implemented under YSR’s rule

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