Cheap People As Members Of Privilege Committee

  • Blaming for fighting for SCS
  • We are only performing duty as members of opposition
  • We insisted on discussion about SCS for the state's bright future
  • Why call us when judgement has been done?
  • Backstabbing and throwing slippers at people are part of Babu's culture
  • Chandrababu is conspiring to kepp me out of the assembly
  • YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy
Hyderabad: Criticising that the members of the Privilege Committee were a bunch of cheap people, YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy opined that the committee should be able to protect members' rights but not to oppress them. He slammed the way YSRCP leaders had been pictured as bandits and traitors just because they had insisted on discussion over special category status, the provider of the bright future of the state.

Chevireddy mentioned taht the video clippings shown by the privilege committee hardly showed him doing any misdeed, he questioned what was wrong in speaking for the welfare of the state. He explained that they had gotten on to the benches only to be visible to the speaker, overcoming the hindrance by the assembly marshals.

Chevireddy expressed doubt that Chandrababu was acting vengefully towards him, because he was from the same constituency as him. Reminding how Chandrababu had lured him with Rs.20 crore when he had won as a ZPTC from Congress party in 2001 but failed, he opined that Chandrababu had grown his grudge over him since then.

Mentioning that the behaviour of the members of the Privilege Committee seemed as if they had come to a conclusion to suspend him from the house, Chevireddy mentioned the remarks he had heard from TDP leaders themselves that he might face cut down of salary and suspension, as he belonged to the same constituency as Babu. He questioned why he had been summoned before the committee when it had already been decided to punish me out of personal grudge.

Mentioning they had neither fired crackers in the house nor insulted anyone, he Chevireddy specified that he had not backstabbed or insulted anybody either by throwing slippers at them. Calling it part of TDP's culture to pull the chair of the Governor and to harass the speaker of the assembly, he criticised the wild language used by TDP leaders and mentioned how YSRCP had complained in vain to the Privilege Committee about it 11 times earlier.

Chevireddy slammed the way the committee's inquiry had been held in a one-sided manner and revealed that it was why he had walked out on the committee. 
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