Change is what the State needs: Jagan

Nayudupeta (Nellore dist),
Jan 31, 2014: Strongly advocating a change in the political system which has been
decayed as the public figures are keeping personal and political agenda ahead
of the people’s welfare, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said the welfare state of YSR
golden era should be brought back by rejecting the divisive and opportunistic

“YSR has been remembered by
everyone as his welfare schemes have touched every section of the society and
the present day politicians have been working for their personal and political
gains by dividing the state unmindful of the majority opinion and they should
be thought a lesson in the elections,” he said while addressing a public meeting
as part of his Samaikya Sankarvam here on Friday.

“We shall fight a united
battle against the divisive and selfish forces and win 30 MP seats to keep the
state united and reject the divisive designs of Sonia Gandhi, Kiran Kumar Reddy
and N Chandrababu Naidu who had given a go by to morals and best practices in
parliamentary democracy.

This is a battle between
Telugu self-pride and Delhi arrogance and we should wage a united battle and
get a decisive mandate to show Delhi that we can see a person who is in favour
of a united state as Prime Minister,” he said.

Unlike YSR, the present day
politicians have a different definition and meaning for politics. Division of
state and vindictive policies form the core of the political system which
should be rehashed and good practices should be brought in.

YSR is still remembered by
the people as he had a vision and could understand the plight of the people. He
had interacted with the people first hand which was basis for the slew of
welfare schemes he has launched.  

He wanted the provide
quality treatment to the poor as the major ailments have been pushing many of
them into indebtedness. He has started Aarogyasri and 108 ambulances which
would ferry the patients to hospitals.

His vision was to provide
technical education to at least one person in a family and has introduced fees
reimbursement scheme besides launching Pavala Vaddi scheme to empower women.
All these form part of the vision of YSR.

“We should elect a leader
who would bring back the golden era of YSR, who has increased the pensions from
what Chandrababu Naidu was giving during his term. He could see the welfare of
people beyond caste, creed, regional and political affiliations,” he said.

 The rotten political
system had come to the fore in the just concluded assembly session during which
Chief Minister Kiran Kumar Reddy had helped the Bill to get clearances in 17
hours from various Departments and helped at every juncture for the division

Chandrababu Naidu on the
other hand had been openly encouraging his members to speak according to their
regional affiliations. With such double standards, he has no face to go to any
one region to seek votes.

Had the Chief Minister
resigned the moment Congress high command took the decision to split the state
things would not have come this far, he said.

We have to stand
united and give a decisive mandate to keep the state united as the students who
are deprived of job opportunities in Hyderabad and farmers who will not get
water and other sections that would be affected by the division giving a
thumping mandate to the Party that has stood for a united state throughout.

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