Chandrababu..Where are the Jobs??

District: A huge rally was conducted in YSR District by the YSRCP
Student Division in protest to the anti-people ruling of Chandrababu.

Student Union leaders said that Chandrababu has cheated the people by
giving several wrong promises. They made angry remarks that Chandrababu
said that he will waive off loans, give unemployment compensation but
did not fulfil any promise even after 18 months of ruling.

student leaders said that Chandrababu deceived DWCRA women, farmers and
unemployed youth. The leaders expressed anguish that lakhs of
unemployed youth are suffering lack of jobs. They demanded that the
government should mend its manner and at least now give job
opportunities to the youth. They stressed that till then YSRCP Student
Division will continue its fight against the government.

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