Chandrababu’s rule is filled with deception and lies

  • Decoying MLAs with corrupt money
  • Land scam in the capital area using binamis
  • Deception of dalits to Babu’s credit
  • Zoning system to benefit binamis
  • Hyderabad: Slaughtering democracy with corrupt money and displaying authoritarian rule, Chandrababu brazenly bought the MLAs of opposition party, exclaimed YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jaganmohan Reddy. He expressed disapproval towards Babu for spending Rs.20 crore to Rs.30 crore on each MLA for decoying them shamelessly. Under the leadership of YS Jagan, YSRCP MLAs and MLCs held a march to the assembly, protesting against Chandrababu’s anti-public and anti-democratic deeds. In the wake of this, YS Jagan revealed to the media the intention behind their march.

    YS Jagan recollected how Chandrababu deceptively brought many names like Nuzivid and Nagarjuna University area into picture pertaining to the anticipation of the announcement of the new capital. Meanwhile his binamis and friends bought lands from innocent farmers, making them believe that the Government would pay no compensation for their lands if it started acquisition.  Then Babu calmly announced Amaravathi as the capital. This encouraged YSRCP leaders to protest, stated YS Jagan. He added that Chandrababu and his team did not even spare dalits from their deception and land robbery.

    YS Jagan declared that the zoning system was introduced only to benefit the binamis. They planned it in such a way that the lands of the binamis of the ruling party leaders cost more money and the others’ lands cost less. This is why they chose to hold the protest, stated YS Jagan. He also mentioned that Chandrababu’s lies and deception to the state’s people were also cause to their protest march.

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