Chandrababu's Pretense In The Matter Of Special Status

Gudiwada (Krishna District): MLA of Gudiwada of Krishna district, Kodali Sri Venkateswara Rao (Nani) commented that Chandrababu had been pretending in the matter of special status of the state. He criticised Babu for mortgaging the state's benefits to selfishly come out of legal cases. Mentioning that the bandh called for by YSRCP president YS Jagan in demand for special status had been a success, he stated that voluntary organisations and Government employees had extended their solidarity to the bandh, thereby expressing their strong wish for the status.

Nani remarked that Chandrababu had been backstabbing the people of AP in the matter of special status, having backstabbed his father-in-law NTR earlier for political power. Having asked the centre for special package instead of special status, Chandrababu was planning to rob the sanctioned money, he commented. He suggested that Chandrababu stopped pretending in the matter. He complained that Chandrababu had announced his resistance to special status by running a few buses in the state. He stated that TDP would face the same fate as Congress after losing people's trust completely. Paleti Chanti, Dukkipati Sasi Bhushan and Gorla Srinu participated in this meeting.

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