Chandrababu's mannequin Set On Fire

  • Babu ignored the future of the youth and
    people’s problems
  • The state is being robbed mercilessly
  • Stipend was promised to get votes from the
  • YSRCP’s youth wing sets Babu’s mannequin on

Parvathipuram: YSRCP leader Prasanna Kumar condemned the
TDP Government for forgetting about its poll promises. He particularly
criticised the Government for going back on the promise of grant of Rs.2000
stipend for every unemployed person in the state. At Parvathipuram of
Vizianagaram district, Chandrababu’s mannequin was set on fire by YSRCP’s youth
wing. Constituency coordinator J.Prasanna Kumar slammed Chandrababu on the
occasion for deceiving the youth with the promises of jobs and stipend.

Remarking that lakhs
of youngsters in the state were remaining jobless, he condemned Chandrababu’s
frequent foreign trips, yielding no investments bluffed about in the name of
industries and partnership summits. Slamming Babu’s Government for its failure
to provide even one job even after 2.5 years of the new state’s formation, he
criticised the ruling party leaders for concentrating on their robbery, leaving
the youth to suffer.

Chandrababu mortgaged
the special category status of AP to the centre in spite of YSRCP’s fight for
its sanction in order for the state’s youth to have a bright future, criticised
Prasanna Kumar. He questioned Chandrababu about the fate of the lakhs of people
graduating every year and suggesting that he should stop bluffing at least now
and put attention on realizing the promises. YSRCP’s youth wing leaders
participated in the programme. 


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