Chandrababu's Joy Trip Leaving The State To Suffer

  • TDP and BJP deceived the people of AP
  • Babu's joy visits ignoring special status issue
  • Babu uses the issue of drought for filling his pockets
  • Protests at all district collectorates tomorrow

Vijayawada: YSRCP's official spokesman Jogi Ramesh commented that BJP and TDP together had mercilessly deceived the people of AP. While the centre was announcing that the special status or financial assistance to overcome deficit or compensation to farmers of capital area would not be given, Chandrababu had ignored all these things and shamelessly escaped to USA, opined Jogi Ramesh. He slammed the CM for going abroad on joy trip with his family leaving the people of the state to suffer. In spite of having a chance to question the PM at Delhi, Chandrababu left it for the joy trip, blamed Ramesh.
He reminded that Venkaiah Naidu proposed 10 years of special status for the state and not 5 and Chandrababu had asked for 15years of special status instead and complained that now they had deceived the people. He demanded to know what TDP leaders had to say now about special status after their leader had evaded the scene. He ridiculed cabinet ministers Ashoka Gajapati Raju and Sujana Chowdary for organising press meets in Vizianagaram and Vijayawada respectively and asking for special status instead of confronting PM Modi in the parliament. He slammed them for being silent when in Delhi.
Jogi Ramesh commented that the current situation of the state was due to Chandrababu's unstable statements about special status. He specified that YSRCP made relentless struggle for the special status. He informed that all the district collectorates would see protests under the leadership of YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan. He reminded that YS Jagan had protested in Delhi and had taken up indefinite hunger strike in Guntur for special status. He mentioned that fight would go on with slogan 'Special status is the right of people of AP' (Prathyeka hodaa- Andhrula hakku)
Jogi Ramesh remarked that the state was suffering from problems like drought and drinking water scarcity. Cattle had no fodder and water to drink. In such a situation, Chandrababu and Lokesh were acting to benefit their own dairy company Heritage by distributing buttermilk of the company throughout the state. He suggested that buttermilk should have been bought through cooperative societies from the companies that had been shut down. He complained that Rs.500 crore was earned by giving away foul Heritage ghee in the name of Chandranna kanuka. He condemned Chandrababu's trails to benefit from drought situation.
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