Chandrababu Will Face Political Isolation

YSR congress party official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu reiterated that Chandrababu will remain as a bad example in the history of Indian politics for his corrupt ways. Saying The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister lacked any sincerity on the Special Category Status issue, Ambati slammed Chandrababu's theatrics as an eyewash. Speaking to media persons in Vijayawada, Ambati asserted that it was YSRCP which had kept the fight for SCS alive in the last four years.

"Nobody trusts Chandrababu anymore and that is why nobody attended the all-party meet he convened. Except Lokesh, nobody in Chandrababu's own family believes him. And Lokesh fancies that rusty old cycle," he said.

Drawing attention to the hungerstrike taken up his party's MPs for the sake of Special Category Status to AP after giving them their posts, Ambati demanded that TDP MPs too tender their resignations.

Instead of asking his MPs to resign from the Lok Sabha, Chandrababu Naidu keeps shifting his political stance by the minute. As a result, he is now reduced to a political juggler. He will soon be isolated politically, he concluded
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