Is Chandrababu Unquestionable?

  • Is it wrong to question Babu's deception and lies?
  • Where did the Rs.600 crore investment to buy MLAs come from?
  • Is it wrong to point out his faults?
  • Is it wrong to give Babu a slap?
  • YS Jagan questions during Rythu Bharosa yatra in Ananthapuram

Ananthapuram: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan questioned why it would be wrong to question the faults of the corrupt CM. He questioned what was wrong in giving such a deceptive CM a slap. He addressed the gathering during his tour in Ananthapuram. Here is his speech in his own words.

Everybody backstabbed

I have come here to hold Rythu Bharosa Yatra in order to stay supportive of the bereaved families of the farmers who have committed suicide. Instead of questioning himself why the farmers and the handloom workers had to commit suicide, Chandrababu is mocking me. He is bluffing that the farmers and the DWCRA women are happy and satisfied. What has been told before elections and what is happening after? Is the Government not responsible for their well being? It was widely telecast and publicised that Babu had to come to power for the mortgaged gold to come back home. Loans of DWCRA women, farmers and handloom workers were promised to be waived. After becoming the CM, Babu has backstabbed the farmers, the women and even students. Jobs, unemployment stipend..everything was proven false. 1,75,00,000 households are waiting for these promises to come true, This CM is forcing the people of the state to pledge for a corruption-free state.

Purchase with corrupt money

Corruption has spread from sand to coal and from capital lands to temple lands. He is buying MLAs with a selfish idea of wiping out opposition, defying democracy. Buying 17 MLAs spending Rs.30 crore for each would mean Rs.600 crore expenditure. Where is all that coming from? He was caught with proofs while buying MLAs in Telangana. Where did that amount come from?

Babu is unable to question KCR about Telangana's drawing water upstream of Srisailam. he is scared of having to face imprisonment regarding the Note for Vote case. He is not demanding special status from the centre due to the fear of having to face inquiry on his corruption. Special status will bring industries and employment opportunities along with it. Why is Babu not giving ultimatum to the centre about withdrawing MLAs?

Is it wrong to question atrocities?

It is apparently wrong to point out Babu's faults and misdeeds. Nobody is entitled to question his deception or backstabbing. Handloom workers' families have Rs.41,000 loans. 13 handloom families have died throughout the state. There is no subsidy, no waiver of loans. Extra loans of Rs.1 lakh is burdensome. The promised houses were never built.

Just because they did not pay their Rs.87,000 crore due to being assured by the CM, interests mounted to Rs.25,000. Not even one-third of the interest was waived. Chandrababu's questioning is very important for the survival of democracy. Time is nearing when Babu will dip the Government in the Bay of Bengal. We should unite an question him. This fight will not stop here.

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