Chandrababu Throws Muslims Into Extreme Poverty

YSR Congress leader and retired police official Mohammed Iqbal alleged that Muslims were neglected completely in TDP government throwing the particular community into extreme poverty in the last four years. 

Addressing the press in Vijayawada, he said that Muslims are meted out injustice in the TDP government. They were fed up with Chandrababu's government  and also pleaded with the CM to stop playing vote bank politics with the poor community in Andhra. 

Iqbal said that Chandrababu colluded with BJP and forged alliance with the saffron party in 1999, 2004 and 2014 elections also.  He questioned the TDP Chief  for maintaining silence on riots against muslims in Muzaffarpur and Govardhanpet.  The YSR Congress leader accused Chandrababu is responsible for the plights beings faced by Muslims in Andhra. 

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