Chandrababu shows fake Agriculture Growth Rate In AP

YSR Congress party Farmers' wing President MVS Nagi Reddy fired a salvo at Andhra Pradesh Chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu over the growth rate in agriculture sector with false figures.  

Reddy wondered how Andhra registered 14 per cent growth in the farming sector when most of the geographical area in the state was drought affected for the last two years.  He ridiculed Chandrababu's claim that his government addressed drought crisis through rain gun technology in the state.  In Praaksham district alone, deficit rainfall was registered in 71 per cent of the area. 

40 TMC of water has been alloted from Nagarjuna Sagar right canal but not a single drop of water was supplied for irrigation purpose in the drought hit Prakasham district. It was the Chandrababu governement declared all 56 mandals in Praksham as drought affected in 2016 and 2017. The YSR Congress leader sought to know the farming sector register 14 per cent growth when all the mandals were drought affected. 

Reddy said that  Prakasham district was also turned as a perennial drought affected like Anantapur in Rayalaseema district.  TDP government neglected the farming community completely. As a result the farmers suicides increased every year.

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