Chandrababu Should Quit

Hyderabad Sept 9: Demanding the resignation of Chandrababu Naidu for his indifference towards special category status, Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that the statement of Arun Jaitley has no new content in it and the Chief Minister owes an apology to the people of 
Andhra Pradesh for welcoming it and the two TDP members should be pulled out of the union cabinet in protest.
Speaking to media here on Friday he said: ‘What Arun Jaitley said late in the night after creating a major hype and whipping up high expectations has no new content in it and the Chief Minister welcoming the Union Finance Minister’s statement should step down immediately as it is against the state interests and he should apologise to the people besides pulling out TDP from the union cabinet.
The statement of Jaitley speaks of what is due to us and in no way has any special tag to it as most of them are what was given to other states as well or what was mentioned in the State Reoorgaistaion Act and if Chandrababu Naidu fails to question the Centre he should quit from the post besides withdrawing his ministers from the Centre.
Special Status is our right and if we allow any slackness, it will be harmful to our future generation and unless we fight for our right we cannot achieve our goal, Telanagana state being a live example, he said. ‘ Saboteurs will be in play but we have to fight it out and we have given a bandh call to highlight the state’s indifference and Arun Jaitley categorically stating that the special status cannot be accorded and Chandrababu Naidu welcoming it exposes their intent which needs to be condemned. I appeal to make the bandh a great success and show our commitment to the state and nation.’
Chandrababu Naidu welcomes Jaitley statement and goes on record stating that we shall take whatever is given to us which shows that he is scared of the consequences of ACB court directing reinvestigation into the cash for vote case in which audio visual evidence show a pointing finger towards him, he said.
They level allegations against our party MLAs for stalling the house. While Chandrababu Naidu was in the opposition his behavior was unruly and he had troubled Speakers Alapati Dharma Rao and a dalit woman Kuthuhalamma, who was in the Chair. Even he has disrupted the Governor’s speech like never before and now he has been speaking in different tone, the YSRCP President said.
Any major statement would be given in prime time and in daylight but Arun Jaitley, flanked by Venkaiah Naidu and Sujana Choudhary, made it a nocturnal activity and it was a bundle of lies. Chandrababu Naidu loses no time to welcome it which shows how he has surrendered to the Centre to save his skin. Taking a step further he has tried to rub the falsehood in the assembly in a form of a statement. How many times he gives a statement without any purpose,’ he said.
Giving a blow by blow account of Aruj Jaitley’s statement he said: ‘The IITs, IIMs and other premier institutions coming the Andhra Pradesh are in normal course and not out of turn and on important issues like ports, steel and petro chemical plants, the Centre said that it would examine was not categorical in its assurance.
Devolution of revenue deficit has been granted to 11 states and not just to Andhra Pradesh and it certainly cannot be a favour. It is the special status which was asked by BJP while in opposition and which also found a place in the its manifesto that has no mention in the statement and was negated in no uncertain terms. Special status is in lieu of Hyderabad which has majority of IT and manufacturing industries and this cannot be compromised at any cost, he said.
Reimbursing Polavaram project is not a special favour as it is clearly mentioned the Act that the Centre will take up the project. We strongly oppose the statement and demand the resignation of Chief Minister for welcoming the substance-less statement of Arun Jaitley. We have to fight for justice despite all odds and I appeal to all to make the bandh a grand success, he said.
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