Chandrababu should concentrate on resolving issues

Guntur: YSR Congress Party official spokesperson Ambati Rambabu lambasted Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu over his rude behaviour with the members of the Nayee Brahmin community, who pleaded with him to recognise them as contract employees and ensure minimum wages to them yesterday.
It is unfortunate that a person of his stature indulged in publicly threatening them. Speaking to media on Tuesday, Rambabu said that the CM had failed to raise issues of the state in the NITI Aayog meet and he is now after the Nayee Brahmin community members.

Chandrababu behaved in a similar fashion with the fishermen and brahmin communities, the YSRCP leader recalled. Instead of suppressing the protests of various groups, Chandrababu should concentrate on resolving their issues, he remarked.
The Nayee Brahmin community members were forced to meet the TDP leaders late in the night to ensure they stopped their protest, he added.
"It would be ideal for Intelligence Chief AB Venkateshwara Rao to join the Telugu Desam Party (TDP). He should be felicitated in the TDP Mahanadu meeting. Tapping opposition party leaders' phones is his key responsibilty," Rambabu mocked.

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