Chandrababu should change his perspective towards women's issues

Gudivada, Krishna district: My heart overflows with joy when I see the agricultural lands. Isn't it because of the farmers' hard work that we are able to lead a comfortable life? Then how could he be put to such hardships today? Why should be suffer losses? On the one hand, it's scorching heat and on the other we are experiencing a heartburn!—this is the plight of Angaluru farmers. Vexed up with the anti-farmer policies of the present government, they threw their produce on the roads and set fire to them. Who will empathise with their problems and assure them? It's unfortunate that the same government which has to give him hope is responsible for their helpless and miserable state. I had a heart to heart chat with those distressed farmers.
Imagine farmers resorting to burning their own crops as a mark of protest against the government! They would have toiled days and months to reap this. And now after foregoing whatever little they got, they said: "Crops destroyed by pests due to lack of water, leading to decreased yield, without even the minimum support price for whatever we could grow under the circumstances, we are suffering under the middlemen backed by the Telugu Desam."
Already reeling under debts and struggling to survive, their confidence is taking a beating by the day. If agriculture has to stay alive, then farmers need assurance and a confidence boost. That's exactly what I told them. I assured them that I would back them come what may. I promised to stand by them.
A senior woman, Laxmiranganayakamma, beaming with pride, said: "Your father too walked in scorching heat. He would affectionately greet everyone addressing them mother and brother. He would shower love on the masses. Your mannerisms remind me of him. The way your greet people, the way you show your love, your confidence and the hardships you are facing for the sake of people." You hold your head high when you are working for people.
Banjara Seva Sangam member, Banawath Indira Rani said: "This government looks down upon Girijans and is indifferent to us. There's no representation in the ministry. Neither is there a nominated post. ST corporation doesn't have a chairman. Even the Girijan Mandal chairperson is a non-tribal." This is how she described the TDP government. How can anyone expect the Dalits, Tribals and backward classes to move forward when Chandrababu himself mistreats us?
The Chief Minister has called for a rally for protection of girls. To ensure safety of girls, it's important to for him to change his perspective towards women's issues. If he had acted his partymen who have abused and misbehaved with women, he could have gained so,e credibility. Instead of doing that, resorting to such programmes keeping in mind the upcoming elections. It will end up as another Dharma Porata Deeksha.
My poser to chief minister: There have been innumerable cases of crimes against women in your four-year rule. Have you even bothered to respond once to the issues? Being the main opposition party, we have been pointing to the negligence of your government and standing by the victims to provide moral support. In such a scenario, isn't it another attempt on your part to betray people with such programmes in view of elections?
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