Chandrababu should be given Uttama Villain award

Farmers have their woes to tell. While farmers don't get minimum support price for their produce, the middlemen are selling the same to Chandrababu's Heritage stores where it is sold at exorbitant rates, said YS Jagan at a public meeting in Ravulapalem. I felt proud when farmers told me that my father late Dr Rajasekhara Reddy did all in his might to speed up the Polavaram project with all sincerity. Chandrababu promised the moon to us before elections. Holding the mike, he shouted from the rooftops saying he would build houses for the poor. It's been four years and not a single house has been built. Nobody can match Dr YSR's work when it comes to providing shelter for the homeless. Athreyapuram is known for pootharekhulu which is world famous. But the woman who prepare these sweet now have second thoughts as the power tariffs have hit the roof under Chandrababu Naidu. Same is the case with sale of pickles too. Babu doesn't spare even pickle sellers. The taxes are exorbitant and makes it impossible for these woman who eke out a living making pickles and pootharekhalu.

Arogyasri Asha workers, Anganawadi workers have not been paid their salaries. How can these poor women feed their families even if their meager salaries are denied to them?

When my father late Dr Rajasekhara Reddy tried his best to make lives easier for women, Chandrababu Naidu is depriving them of opportunities. Instead of empowering women, he's using them for party promotions. Chandrababu is buying 23 MLAs paying them Rs 20 crores. He has not spared any section of the society. Even Janmabhoomi committee is ridden with corruption. People have to bribe officials to get even ration and pension. Chandrababu had even promised to shut down belt shops saying it was wreaking homes. However, it's been four years since his rule and even though there's no mineral water to home, every home gets free supply of liquor with just a phone call. He had even promised to bring down power tariff before elections. But he didn't keep up his word. The electricity bill has doubled. The fuel prices too are much higher in our state when compared to Telangana or Karnataka. He has said that if farmers wanted their loans waived, women want their gold back, youth want their jobs...then Chandrababu should come to power. But what's the situation today? Reality hurts, isn't it? Gold never came back home but bank notices haven't stopped coming! He even sent his partymen to promise jobs for your kids irrespective of their educational qualification. He said if there were no jobs, he would give Rs 2000 to the jobless. But over the last four years, not even a penny has been paid. He has forgotten all his promises all these years and now with elections approaching Chandrababu is playing a new drama. Under the TDP regime, even RTC bus tickets are sold in black like movie tickets during festivals. Even the state of hospitals is no better. No loan waiver for farmers, no jobs for youth, high fuel prices, ration shops are corrupt, school fee is high, fee reimbursement scheme isn't reaching the beneficiaries, Arogyasri is completely diluted, power tariff has gone up..everything is corrupt. Amid all these troubles is Chandrababu's new dramas. If the Oscar committee watches his dramas, they can award him Uttama Villain award.

After four years of romance with the BJP during which the two sang praises of each other, TDP never thought of the state. But now, he's enacting new dramas after YSRCP highlighted the need for Special Category Status to State.

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