Chandrababu seeks people support to escape from cases

YSR Congress Party official spokesman Vellampalli Srinivas said that Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu was seeking people support only to escape from the cases pending against him. It was the main reason he always feared by the Centre.

Chandrababu shifted to Amaravathi immediately after cash for vote scam came to light in Telangana.  He is instigating people only to hide corruption in his government, he said the CM pushed Andhra into debt trap in four years. The debt burden has been increased to Rs 2. 25 Lakh crore from Rs 80,000 crore. 

Srinivas said the TDP Chief has no moral  right to fight for special status and hold dharna in Tirupati on April 30.He questioned Chandrababu for not giving coverage to union minister comment on alliance between TDP and BJP in his hand picked media.
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