Chandrababu is Scared of Roja

  • Leaders of opposition party are being targeted
  • Why does Babu hold vengeance on Roja?
  • Women are being insulted
  • Assembly is being sidetracked

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Giddi Eshwari stated that
Chandrababu was afraid of MLA Roja. She commented that CM Chandrababu Naidu had
targeted Roja and suspended her because she had questioned his Government
regarding its corruption and atrocities. In view of escaping from the
adjournment resolution given by Roja on the Call Money sex racket of
Vijayawada, the Government had plotted conspiracies against the opposition,
criticized Giddi Eshwari. She specified that ministers, MLAs and MLCs of Telugu
Desam party had been involved in the sex racket; hence they vengefully got Roja
suspended so that she would not be able to raise her voice again against them.

Eshwari mentioned that everybody had seen how women of capital
city Vijayawada had fallen victim to the Call Money sex racket carried out by
the people in the Government. She remarked that it had been sensational
throughout the country how the women suffered due to their inability to pay
huge interests. The opposition had questioned the Government regarding this and
when MLA Roja had given notice of adjournment resolution on this, they went near
the podium, reminded Giddi Eshwari. But Chandrababu had held vengeance against
Roja, he said.

Giddi Eshwari mentioned TDP MLA Sivaji’s statement that Roja had
eccentric personality and questioned him why he had not felt the same way when
she was in TDP. She stated that they would stand by the side of their women’s
wing president and fight for her. She criticized TDP-friendly media for repeatedly
telecasting the expressions of Roja. She questioned the media if it could not
see the offensive language used by the leaders of TDP. Eshwari remarked that action
and reaction, both had to be seen in case of a dispute and that one of the
sides should not be backed.

Giddi Eshwari mentioned that Roja had been intentionally
targeted and suspended under rule 340 (2). She had not even been given chance
to speak. When she came to the assembly premises to find out why she had been
suspended, she was arrested by the assembly marshals. Roja had approached the
court petitioning that she was suspended beyond the limit of the clause. She
complained that the orders issued by the High Court under the direction of the
Supreme Court were being defied.

Giddi Eshwari stated that they were surprised to see the
behaviour of the one-sided Government, being elected by people for the first
time for the house. She added that being opposition party MLAs, women and
tribal people, they had felt offended upon listening to the words uttered by CM
Chandrababu naidu, ministers Achennayudu, Ravela, Uma, Kamineni and other TDP
leaders. She complained that the complaints they had raised against them had
not even been considered by the privileges committee.

Eshwari stated that CM’s abusive remarks saying “Is it funny?”, “I
will see your end” and “new MLAs” had saddened them. She mentioned that while
she was speaking about woman empowerment in the assembly during the question
hour, TDP MLA Anitha had irrelevantly risen and behaved arrogantly. She
complained that Chandrababu had made tribal MLA Anitha to speak infuriatingly though
there were many more experienced MLAs in the house. She criticized MLA Anitha and
MLA Peethala Sujatha for commenting that Roja should never step into the
assembly and Roja very inferior to Chandrababu respectively.

Giddi Eshwari expressed disapproval towards Chandrababu’s
insulting women and sidetracking the assembly. She condemned tens of TDP
leaders rising and pasing abusive comments when YSRCP president YS Jagan was
speaking in the assembly. Comments about his cholesterol and masculinity and
calling him a thief and an economic terrorist were disgracing to the whole
society and democratic system, slammed Eshwari.

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