Chandrababu says, Capital is biz venture

Hyderabad, Pointing out that Chandrababu Naidu has openly agreed that his government is into commercial ventures in the name of capital formation and Union Minister M Venkaiah Naidu has endorsed the view, YSR Congress said that the theory of creation of wealth is limited only to the Chief Minister and his coterie and not the people of the state.

‘The Chief Minister, when asked during an interview about the allegations of real estate business by the government, said “how does that matter to them” which is a blatant and categorical statement of agreeing that the real estate business is on.

The Union Minister also endorsing the same to raise funds shows that the intention of the Chandrababu Naidu is only to create wealth among their community and a selected few leaving the welfare of people to lurch,’ party spokesperson K Partha Sarathi told reporters here on Tuesday.

The Chief Minister has proven record of passing on the information to his business associates and close circle that leads to huge profits as seen during the construction of HiTech City with Jayabheri and other institutions reaping benefit out of the advance information.

‘Even now his coterie has purchased land in large extent in the peripheries of the capital area and would make a killing once the capital city is formed. A foreign research scholar has mentioned in his thesis that Chandrababu Naidu has always helped his community and close associates,’ he said.

He has dismissed opposition parties and social organizations and said farmers are more important as they have sacrificed land. ‘In such a case, why was Section 144 and Section 30 invoked in the area along with the threats that the Land Acquisition Act will be imposed or the area will be declared as Green Belt so that no construction can up there.
Majority of the farmers have given the land due to fear of losing the little compensation if they defied the government. There may be some persons who volunteered to give up land but the number is not that big as the claims are made, he said.

Regarding the extravaganza, TDP has been condemning the statement of our leader and party and has put forth an argument that only Rs 9 crores is being spent by the Collectors or Krishna and Guntur districts. This cannot be true going by the scale of the programme. ‘We have seen the disadvantage when all economic activity was concentrated in Hyderabad and we demand that such mistake should not be repeated and there should be all round development,’ he said.
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