Chandrababu is responsible for No Special Status

  • Fight for special status weakened
  • Misleading Government
  • YS Jagan questions in the Assembly
  •  Hyderabad: Leader of opposition and YSRCP president exposed the tactics employed by CM Chandrababu in the name of ‘Special Summit’. He expressed his displeasure towards the attempts of Chandrababu to improve his own image rather than trying for the benefit of the state. Here is what YS Jagan spoke…

              ‘‘People are observing how the ruling party is getting in the way at every step. It does not even have the patience to hear. People can recognize whose mistake it is. People’s problems are more important. Babu’s behaviour is encouraging us to doubt his sincerity.

    Six central cabinet ministers from Jaitley were invited to the investor meet held in Visakhapatnam. It was highly publicized. They bragged in their presence that investment of Rs.4 lakh crore was obtained in two days. Chandrababu boasted that he had worked harder than Modi, went around countries like Singapore and used his charisma to earn these huge investments. What will they all think based on this fake picture he was painting? If he brought Rs.4.67 lakh crore of investment, what will be the need to give special status? He was a chief minister for 9 years from 1994 to 2004. At that time also, He used to go around trips abroad. His 9-year rule was full of similar investors’ meets.

    How many green field industries did he bring with the investment of thousands of crores of rupees during his rule? I demand to know how much investment he earned and how many jobs could he provide? Till 2004 in five years of time, the increase in agriculture was 2.8%, industries’ growth rate was 5.20% and service field grew by 7.7% according to your white paper records. Over all GSDP growth rate was 5.81%. Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy who ruled from 2004 to 2009 did not go conferencing abroad or boast like Babu. The growth rates during his tenure were 6.14% in agriculture, 10.91% in industries and 10.06% in service sector. Over all GSDP growth rate was registered as 9.56%. There is a strong reason for this.

    Babu posed for pictures for Hero Motor Corporation’s inauguration and for Asian Paints. Kiran and Babu together had pictures taken. What happened to Hero Motors and Asian Paints now? Could Babu bring at least one IT company to Visakhapatnam in two years?” demanded YS Jagan.

    Thus YS Jagan expressed his concern that Babu was the real reason for the state’s not getting special status or any other benefits. At this point, IT minister Palle Raghunathareddy intervened.

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