Chandrababu promoting corruption in AP

Hyderabad: More than Rs 4 lakh crore public money was swindled in Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's  three year rule in Andhra Pradesh ,  YSR Congress  party senior leader Bhumana Karunkar Reddy said . 

He wondered Chandrababu gave clean chit to himself and claimed his government was corruption free. The TDP Chief grew politically by promoting corruption  since he forayed into politics and also made others corrupt in his party and government. 

In 1978, Chandrababu owned only 2 acres of land. By 2017, his asset value has bee increased to Rs 4 lakh crore . Several media organisations and Tehelka media agency also exposed Chandrababu's  corrupt practices during his regime between 1995 and 2004.  

After becoming son in law of NT Rama Rao,  the TDP leader back stabbed him and ascended the CM post forcefully. The YSR Congress leader  branded Chandrababu as the India's biggest corrupt and richest political leader in the country. 

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