Chandrababu Naidu betrayed Rayalseema

The former MP, Senior Leader of YSRCP, Ananta Venkata Rami Reddy,
alleged that the Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu has betrayed
Rayalseema. Unable to face the serious drought and the cheating of
Agriculture loan waiver scheme farmers are committing suicide, still
Babu is no way bothered about them – fumed. Large Agriculture meeting
has been conducted in Veera Vysya Funtion hall, Uravadkonda, to discuss
and demand about the water resource to be provided for irrigating 1.18
lacs of Agricultural land based on the first scheme of  Handri Neeva
Sujala Sravanti project. Addressing in this occasion, Ananta Venkata
Rami Reddy demanded, that why is a GO not released to provide water
supply for irrigation to Rayalaseema from Srisailam? However, 80 TMC of
water is supplied to Krishna Delta from Pattiseema. Chandrababu is not
having a good opinion of Agriculture and feels that its waste of
investing in Agriculture said Ananta.

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