Chandrababu moving closely with call money convict

Raids in the State to spare the
TDP leaders

Chandrababu’s plot to frame the
opposition in call money case

Assembly: The YSRCP MLA Roja said
that a scandal like this by a ruling party was never before heard in the
country. She said that all this happening in the temporary capital Vijayawada
is quite unfortunate. She became furious that Chandrababu, the MLA’s and the Ministers
were roaming around cordially with the convict. She mentioned that instead of
taking action on the convict counterattacking Y.S.jGan is highly condemnable.

Roja said that Venigella Srikanth
is close to Bode Prasad, both of them went to Bangkok. When the locals have
given information that Prasad is involved in call money scandal why was he not
interrogated, questioned Roja.  The names
of Budha Venkanna and others have also been revealed.  Roja said that the sex exploitation scandal
in Vijayawada has also pulled girls below 18 years also into the prostitution.
She demanded that the convicts should be severely punished.

She mentioned that Chandrababu is
trying to spare the convicts, he also tried to send the City Police Comissioner
Gowtham Savang on leave so that the case can be debilitated. Chandrababu said
that the State Capital prominence will propagate to the world but the Vanajakshi
issue, the sex exploitation scandal, adulterated liquor sales all these are
forcing every Telugu person to feel shame. Roja demanded that the victims
should get justice.

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