Chandrababu Is Mentally Ill

  • Chandrababu's family members have unstable mental status
  • Are you ready for public debate on unlawful projects?
  • Jogi Ramesh slams TDP leaders
Vijayawada: YSRCP's official spokesman Jogi Ramesh commented that Chandrababu was deceiving people and degrading the state. He questioned what achievement of theirs had encouraged them to launch Nava Nirmana Deeksha. He reminded how TDP had made many promises to all classes of people including the farmers  the women and the unemployed and failed to keep any of them. He ridiculed that the mental health of Chandrababu, Balakrishna and TDP ministers was not all right and needed medical attention. Here is what Jogi Ramesh spoke in his own words.
Babu is all deception
Chandrababu crossed his word about waiver of loans for the farmers and the DWCRA women. He also promised a job for every household or a stipend of Rs.2000 for every unemployed person. Over not realising the promises he had made to the people, he is criticizing the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan for questioning him on behalf of people. YS Jagan is being criticised due to the mental instability of Chandrababu and his ministers Paritala Sunitha and Devineni Uma. Is it wrong to stand by the people as a responsible opposition leader? Is it wrong to question you about the promises made in your manifesto?
Babu's status is not good
Chandrababu and ministers have behaved like psycho psychopaths in the Assembly due to their mental illness and everybody has seen their behaviour. When Narendra Modi attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the capital city of the state, Chandrababu forgot to ask about special status and covered it by saying that he had asked for special package. TDP leaders themselves revealed that Chandrababu had grown to be forgetful and was forgetting his words in an hour.
Have you realised at least one of the promises you made from the five signatures you put on the day of your swearing in? You promised building good quality houses, increase of reservation for BCs, SC classification and inclusion of Kapu community in reserved category. While none of these promises have been realised, is it not shameless of you to initiate Nava Nirmana Deeksha?
Chandrababu practices political prostitution             
Chandrababu is practising political prostitution in the historic city of Vijayawada by encouraging party defection, buying MLAs like cattle in a fair and inviting all the defectors into TDP. He is trying to bluff people by  repeatedly saying the same things to them. He mortgaged the special status of the state, special railway zone and funds to the centre. He made Krishna delta into a desert.
The dormant irrigation department
Babu is going unquestioned while Telangana Government is building unlawful projects. YS Jagan is questioning your faults bravely in the public on behalf of people. If not for YS Jagan's questioning, would the discussion about Telangana projects have happened and would the Government have responded? Until YS Jagan did the deeksha, Chandrababu and Devineni had been sleeping. Krishna Delta changed into a desert. Devineni is incapable of providing even drinking water to the people. We challenge the Cheif Minister and the TDP ministers to come for an open debate and announce what they have done in the last 2 years.
Your party leaders said so
Stop criticizing YS Jagan and try to realise the promises you made to the people. Your party leaders themselves revealed that you snatched the lands of farmers and resorted to corruption of worth thousands of crores of rupees. They also revealed that you had sold Rajya Sabha seat for Rs.100 crore. YS Jagan is a people's leader. He will be a step forward in pointing out the Government's mistakes for the benefit of the people.
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