Chandrababu is a land grabber: YS Jagan

Capital is only for the sake of corporate
Babu's government is completely fraud.. ..
Everyone should cooperate for the bandh on January 29

Vijayawada: The leader of opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan said that Babu is building the capital keeping conspiracies in his mind and only for the sake of corporate. So, he set a stage to construct the capital at the cost of tears of people instead of constructing a capital for the sake of people. YS Jagan said that Chandrababu is full of stubbornness and in a don't care mentality, he is no way bothered about farmers acknowledgement as he has authority to grab the lands. He spoke in the special meet conducted at the CRDA office in Vijayawada against the forced acquisition of land by Babu.

Attempts of force to encroach upon:
Even for the National Green Tribunal, Naidu is trying to bluff and cooking stories by saying that there are 2000 acres of farm land and the rest all is the normal land and counter filed. This is a desperate situation, where the government itself is lying. The people of whole country and parties are fighting over the BJP party stating the unfair action of grabbing the lands. The BJP is also back stepping based on the situation where the decision may take till October 2nd. For that, the government is in a though of grabbing the lands speedily and quickly. 

This is a fraud government:
Naidu's government is running on a total fraud. The frauds include, Farm loan waiver, DWCRA to forgive the debt, unemployment allowance. While the government itself is doing frauds, where can the people go? Remember, the authority does not always stay with Naidu. This government will be pushed to Bay of Bengal. When our government will come to power, the land will be given to the people.  

Come together to strike:
The Government is now saying about the special status. There are many benefits of this status. However, Naidu who went to Delhi says that instead of  special status, the package is sufficient. All his efforts are to escape from the cash for vote scam. Thus, the benefits of the people of the state are taken as bond. To protest against it, strike is followed on August 29. All the people have to come forward to make the strike a success.                    
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