Chandrababu Is The King Nero Of AP

Kurnool: The leader  of opposition in AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan expressed hope at the end of his 3-day hunger strike for his effort to be realised by the Government of Telangana. He hoped for them to back off on the intention of building unlawful projects, effecting the lives of people of AP. Speaking at the location of the strike, YS Jagan suggested to KCR for walking together. He reminded how the two areas of the united state fought together against the construction of projects like Almatti and Babli. He questioned the justification behind constructing projects without permission. YS Jagan slammed Babu for not questioning this unfair deed of Telangana Government and compared him to King Nero who was notorious for playing the fiddle while the city of Rome burnt in flames.

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