Chandrababu, Hitler Think Alike

Perhaps this has never happened ever in this country. YSR Congress Party MPs going on a hunger strike for the sake of Special Catgeory Status is truly historic.
This is the sacrifice the 5 MPs have made for the sake of 5 Crore people. The MPs have given up their posts in the interest of the state. Isn't this a first in the country? This is their attempt to let the entire world know about the injustice meted out to Andhra Pradesh, an effort to achieve SCS to state, to bring pressure on the government to soften their stand on the issue.
The YSRCP has been waging a relentless battle for the sake of Special Catgeory Status over the last four years. The party has tried several ways to draw the centre's attention to the issue.  As a last resort we have stuck to our words and asked the MPs to resign as promised. We did what we said, said YS Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.
Addressing a press meet in Guntur, the AP Leader of Opposition said that we had to resort to this extreme step as we didn't see any sign of the centre budging.
"I strongly believe that we could have achieved SCS for the state had Chandrababu joined hands with us and backed our move. If the TDP MPs too had resigned and joined our fasting MPs in the indefinite hunger strike, the entire nation would have sat up and watched," YS Jagan asserted. In such scenario, the centre would be left with no choice but to give in to our demands which would have benefited our state, he added.
But Chandrababu Naidu betrayed the people of AP again. Come what may, whether we get support from his party or not the YSRCP will stand by people and fight for their rights. Despite nil support from the ruling party, our party MPs met other party members seeking support for the no-trust vote. We garnered enough support to move a no-confidence motion against the NDA-led BJP government in the Lok Sabha. YSRCP is the first party to move a no-trust motion against the Narendra Modi government, he said. "This will definitely be a historic moment. Yet after all our efforts, the AP chief minister did a U-turn. But what's more unfortunate for our state is that his party failed to extend support or even ask his MPs to resign."
And then he calls for an all-party meeting again. But just when the state thought he was discussing something about the state, he perhaps talked about his Delhi trip and what he spoke to Hemamalini.
Chandrababu gave a two-hour power point presentation about his Delhi trip but SCS never figured in any of those slides. Should I attend the all-party meet called by a traitor who has no concern for the people of his state?

When Chandrababu went to Delhi, none of the important political leaders came to meet him. That's because he's reached a point where nobody trusts him anymore. He has let go of a golden opportunity we had to get SCS for our state.

Fearing he would be targeted by the centre for his corrupt deeds in the past, Chandrababu decided not to back the fight for SCS. He has once again mortgaged the interests of the state for his selfish gains. Trust is the biggest factor in politics. But Chandrababu can go to any extent to fulfill his selfish goals and benefits. Even Hitler did the same. Both of them think alike. He is deep into corruption and then uses media to cover up his misdeeds. He will remain a bad example in history, said YS Jagan adding that Jana Sena Founder Pawan Kalyan will come out in public at the behest of Chandrababu, he asserted.
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