Chandrababu has no right to talk about political morals

In a stinging attack on Chandrababu Naidu’s comments on political morality, YSRCP Giddalur assembly constituency incharge IV Reddy said that Chandrababu speaking about political morality was like devil quoting scriptures. He said by stabbing his father-in-law in the back and usurping power, Chandrababu has buried all political morals. He said Chandrababu occupies a pride of place in the hall of shame of political immorality. He said that he had stabbed many leaders and actors. Left to Chandrababu, he could even stab the inter-stellar beings. Chandrababu has no right to talk about political morals,” IV Reddy quipped.

He said Chandrababu, who purchased 23 MLAs, who won on the YSRCP ticket, like they were cattle in the market, has no right to speak about political morals.

 The YSRCP leader said Chandrababu, who was caught red-handed in the cash for vote scam, ran away from Hyderabad. IV Reddy also said Chandrababu still held tight to the chair, despite the forensit tests proving that it was he who tried to entice MLAs in Telangana with cash allurement to win MLC elections.   

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