Chandrababu Is The Emperor Of Corruption

  • Chandrababu is the emperor of corruption
  • People running away from Babu's rule
  • YS Jagan slams Chandrababu's actions

  • New Delhi: As part of Save Democracy movement, the leader of opposition and YSRCP president  YS Jagan, accompanied by the other leaders of the party, is meeting the leaders of various national parties. The team met ex minister and NCP president Sharad Pawar today. They took to his notice the atrocities committed by Chandrababu's Government while suppressing democracy. Later Y S Jagan spoke to the media.

    He informed that they were going to meet the leaders of all prominent parties in New Delhi through appointment. He stated that they would explain to them the unjust activities and situations happening in the state of Andhra Pradesh under the rule of Chandrababu Naidu. YS Jagan opined that Chandrababu lacked the courage to go into people nor did he have the confidence that they would vote for him again, the reason being his deception towards the farmers and DWCRA women in the name of loan waiver. He reminded her Chandrababu had promised a job for every household or Rs.2000 of unemployment stipend. He commented that Babu had thus deceived the unemployed class. YS Jagan stated that the people were fed up with Chandrababu's rule and were awaiting its end. He remarked that it was why Chandrababu was not getting ready to face by election.

    YS Jagan mentioned how Chandrababu was luring other parties' MLAs with Rs.20-30 crore. He stated that is Chandrababu wanted the support of those MLAs, he should have asked them to resign and seek fresh mandate or should have disqualified them. But due to fear of losing by-election because of his failure in governance he did not do that, YS Jagan said.

    YS Jagan called for everybody to talk against the unruly expenditure of corrupt money by Chandrababu. He encouraged every citizen to question where Chandrababu had been getting all this black money from. He expressed astonishment towards how Chandrababu had managed to store Rs.20-30 crore for each MLA he bought.

    YS Jagan announced that a book had been published with the details of the scams and corrupted activities committed by Chandrababu with the name 'Chandrababu-The Emperor of Corruption'. He informed that the book contained the details of corruption practised by Chandrababu in the last 2 years backed by GO copies and registration documents. He stated that copies of the book would be handed over to every leader, every media representative and every national organisation. YS Jagan revealed that the corruption in various sectors amounted to Rs.1,34,295 crore.

    YS Jagan criticised that Chandrababu had been unresponsive towards the accusation with proofs he had faced in Telangana regarding buying MLAs. He questions what had happened to those dates and why had cases not been filed against him basing on them. He called for every educated person to question this. He demanded that the media questioned it too. He encouraged the farmers in the rural areas, the DWCRA women and the unemployed to come forward and question.

    Y S Jagan stated that it was the responsibility of the opposition party in democratic system to express the voice of the people. As they observed their duty of speaking for the people in light of lying prior to elections and ignoring the people later, the Government was not able to digest it, he exclaimed. He added that the Government was trying to suppress the voice of the farmees, the DWCRA women and the unemployed by suppressing the opposition party. He proclaimed that this situation had to be fought against. YS Jagan mentioned that they were distributed the copies of 'Chandrababu-The Emperor of Corruption', the book published about Chandrababu's scams and corruption. He appealed to everybody to read the book and become aware of Chandrababu's atrocities.

    After speaking to the media and expressing his intentions, YS Jagan spoke separately to the national media in English.

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